5th Wheel M2 Electric Scooter – 19 Miles Long Range & 15.5 Mph



5th Wheel M2 Electric Scooter – 19 Miles Long Range & 15.5 Mph

Do you still worry that you’ll walk too far or go too far and waste fuel? This foldable electric scooter may be the ideal option for you if you’re searching for a quick method to get around town while reducing your carbon footprint since it offers you the ideal last-mile answer!

– 19 miles Long Distance & 15.5 mph Max Speed

– 350 W Powerful Motor

– 220 lbs Max Load

– 8.5″ Honeycomb Tires

– Triple Damping System

– Triple Brake System

– Climbing capacity ≈ 14°

– IP54 Waterproof


With a 350W silent engine, the M2 electric scooter can go up to 19 miles and reach speeds of 15.5 mph. The reinforced frame can accommodate riders weighing up to 220 lbs. The electric scooter for adults has no trouble climbing hills that are 14 degrees steep. For your final mile, the M2 adult electric scooter is ideal.

With a 36V 7.5Ah battery, the kick scooter M2 has improved battery life and can travel up to 16–19 miles on a single charge. Its quick charge feature will give it a full charge in 4-5 hours, which will save your power expenditure by 10% compared to other brands of electric scooters.

Our M2 electric scooter has a triple braking system (Motor brake, Disc brake, and Foot brake) to lessen the chance of brake failure and guarantee your safety. The scooter’s Triple Damping System gives you extra stability and comfort while you ride. Your nighttime safety is further guaranteed by its LED headlight and taillight.

Foldable, Take It Anywhere: This M2 electric scooter weighs only 33 lbs. and can be folded in 3 seconds, making it simple to transport and effectively alleviating your storage and carrying-related pain. The adult electric scooter is simple to store in the car, classroom, or office, which makes traveling more practical and enjoyable.

Revolutionary Non-zero Start Mode: On M2 scooters with non-zero start mode, you must first use your foot to help the scooter slide at a speed of 1.86 mph/h before using the thumb accelerator to produce the effect of motor assistance. By using an adult scooter, your safety is substantially assured.

The phrase “No More Punctures, No Fear of Water on Road” The electric scooter’s ride is improved by the huge tire-wheel configuration. The solid rubber wheel’s honeycomb hole design improves shock absorption while the high-density, high-strength material is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life. You can avoid the inconvenience of a flat tire with an adult M2 scooter. This electric scooter can effortlessly get over tiny puddles thanks to its IP54 waterproof performance.

The electric scooter has a smart system with an LED display that can provide the following information: speed, battery life, speed mode, and mileage. You can control everything at any time using the smart program manager, including locking the scooter, turning the scooter on or off, turning on the lights, and monitoring the battery level, riding distance, speed, and the status of other items you care about.

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Weight 18144 kg


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