CYC Motor X1 PRO Gen 2 2021 Electric Bike Conversion Kit



  • CYC Motor X1 Pro Generation 2 2021

    This product has many options! In your order notes, please specify :

      • Crank arm length : 170mm (165mm is no longer available)
      • Throttle Type : full , halt-twist or thumb throttle
      • If you want any of these options :
        • Ebike headlights ($50)
        • Magnetic Brake Sensors (+$18)
        • Crankset upgrade (Freewheel 2.0) (+$48)
        • Controller extension wire (+$25)
        • Controller extension wire with mount (+$58)

    The X1 PRO Gen 2 2021 is a high powered, mid drive e-bike, emtb and efatbike conversion system fitting most standard bike frame geometries. Complete with an integrated torque sensor, an aluminum chainring cover and a free mobile app to customize your riding performance.

    The Gen 2 equips a powerful motor which is capable of reaching 5.4k Watts at peak power with 12k motor RPM. Not only is it powerful, but it also has a water-proof body and is very lightweight making it the perfect fit for your bike!

    Main Features


    The Gen 2 comes with a redesigned motor core and rotor for better efficiency and performance. It is  capable of reaching up to 5.4k Watts at peak power with 12k motor RPM, allowing you to harness the power much quicker. The Gen2 has a rated torque up to 5 N.m. If you use a strong downhill bike with the X1 PRO, it will be a very capable of handling off-road missions. 


    Not only is the Gen2 more powerful, but it’s upgraded to waterproof Julet connectors and waterproof cable shielding. You can take the X1 PRO out for a muddy spin without the worry of water damage. It’s still important to keep in mind that the motor is not made to be submerged, but it can handle a good, rainy day mission.


    Without adding more weight to the kit, CYC kept the kit at an astonishing 5kg, the lightweight system enables extreme power and torque output. To make this even more exciting, the motor system is highly efficient. With an efficiency rate of up to 93%, you are able to get much more range and carry smaller batteries


    The controller options of X1 PRO allows you to set 2 modes and also has 9 assist gears.

    To switch between modes instantly, long press the power button on your display. There are 2 modes set before shipment namely Street Mode and Race Mode.

    In each mode, you can customize the settings via the app, including the maximum power, throttle response rate, PAS level, PAS on/off, etc.


    X1 PRO comes with both torque sensor and throttle.

    Torque sensor is used in pedal assist mode. The torque sensor measures how hard and how fast you pedal, and calculate how much power the motor should output correspondingly. You can read your own power via mobile app to monitor your exercise rate. You can also customize the proportion of the motor power output in case you want to change the ratio of assist.

    Manuals, guides, and printouts are available here.

    CYC only accepts returns in the event of a defective product by manufacturer fault only within 30 days after delivery.

    • 1 x Motor body
    • 1 x Controller
    • 1 x Chainring
    • 1 x 500c/ 750c Display
    • 1 x Thumb Throttle
    • 1 x 1 to 4 Wiring Harness/ 1 to 2 Wiring Harness
    • 1 x Brake sensor (Optional)
    • 1 x 219H Chain
    • 1 x Bike Hanger
    • 1 x Speed Sensor

  • General:
    Cyc Pro X1 Gen 2

    Warranty: 1 year

    Rated Voltage: 36-72 DCV (nominal) (10-20s Batteries)

    Max. rpm (at Crank): >300 rpm

    Max Rated Power: 3000W (BAC855) 

    Max Torque (at Crank): 150 N.m. (BAC855) 

    Overall efficiency: >90%

    Color: Anodized Black

    Weight (motor & controller only): 3.8 kg

    Total weight with crankset & BB: 5.6 kg

    Bracket Materials: 7075-T6

    Crank Arm Length: 165mm or 170mm

    Q Factor: 190mm (208mm for fat bikes)

    11/63 option with 38T bike chainring
    12/72 option with 42T bike chainring
    11/53 option with 32T bike chainring


    Controller: ASI BAC855

    Display: 500c or 750c APT display

    Throttle: Thumb throttle

    Bottom bracket: BSA Threaded & Pressfit options

    Speed sensor: Magnetic sensor

    Wiring: Waterproof wire (Julet connector)

    PAS sensor: Integrated torque & cadence sensor

    Brake sensor: Magnetic sensor for all brakes


    BSA Threaded Frames: 34.5mm bottom bracket diameter

    Pressfit Frames: 41, 42, & 46mm bottom bracket diameters

    Motor Type:

    Motor type: In-runner

    Stator lamination: 0.2mm

    Magnet: N45SH (>180 °C)

    Wiring: 0.7mm^2

    Efficiency: >93%

    Maximum RPM: >12000 RPM

    Rated Torque: > 5 N.m.

    Transparent cover: Tempered Glass

    Epoxy sealed: Black Epoxy Potted

    Gear Box:

    First stage: 1:6 hardened steel planetary

    Second stage: 219H Chain

    Overall reduction ratio from motor to crank:
    1:28.9 (11/53T)
    1:34.4 (11/63T)
    1:36 (12/72T)



Additional information

Weight 5443 kg


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