Exway Flex ER



  • Meet your first Solid, Smart, Adaptable Skateboard and ride with passion!

    The new Flex ER redefines affordability without sacrificing performance and quality thanks to an extended range battery pack and a redesigned deck design for the ideal combination of flex and stability.

    The ER battery can be fully charged from 30% to 80% in under 50 minutes when used in conjunction with Exway’s 200W fast charger. To achieve market-leading stability and safety, our battery design underwent several rounds of modifications. The battery is shielded from road shocks, wetness, and overheating with the cells enclosed in a thermally conductive composite.

    The Flex’s motors transform into generators when the brakes are used, allowing the rider’s momentum to replenish the battery. Using an improved flex profile and adjusted concave, flexible electric skateboards are redefined.

    The Flex ER’s redesigned deck reduces foot soreness and increases comfort without compromising stability. With the 200W fast charger from Exway, you can recharge the Flex ER in less time than it takes to have a short lunch, and the 100-240V input makes it compatible with devices all around the world. You can relax while charging thanks to built-in precautions against overcharge, over-temperature, short circuit, and more.

    In the app, you may turn on features like ride mode lock, cruise control, and turbo mode. Use the remote button on the smart remote to switch your board on or off. The remote was ergonomically designed (and patented) and has a soft-touch composite coating for a secure grasp.

    Don’t fear the rain!

    In normal circumstances, the skateboard’s IP55 water resistance makes it resistant to splashes and dust. However, if you ride through puddles, are near a body of water with a high water table, or even submerge your skateboard in water, water is likely to get inside the electrical components and cause damage.
    Please refrain from riding on wet or rainy surfaces as this increases the danger of water damage and might result in noisy motor bearings.

    What is the difference between Flex ER Hub and Flex ER Riot?

    The motor of Riot skateboard is more powerful than Hub.

    The torque of the Riot skateboard is larger than Hub, so you will feel more easier when he ride the board on a uphill road.

    The Riot skateboard can install many other wheels to ride, but the Hub skateboard only has fewer wheels to choice.

    The Hub skateboard will be more quiet than Riot when we ride it.

    • 1 x Exway Flex ER

    •  1 x Quick Charger

    • 4 x AC Power Cable

    • 1 x Smart Remote

    • 1 x USB Cable

    • 1 x Torx Wrench

    • 1 x Skate Tool

    • 1 x Manual

  • Top Speed: 45Km/h

    Weight: 17lbs

    Range: 45Km

    Battery Capacity: 345Wh

    Motor Power: Belt (5230) / Hub (4230)

    Warranty: 6 months

    Repair and Return : 15 days for you to return the board, but the board must be unused and brand new. And the customer must to pay round-trip shipping fee if he want to return the board. If the product is found to have manufacturing defects within 15 natural days after receiving the product, your customer can apply for a return or exchange service,it is not within the scope of the return and exchange service due to use on the ground or other circumstances that affect secondary sales.

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