Exway X1 Max



  • Meet your first Solid, Smart, Adaptable Skateboard and ride with passion!

    An extremely powerful, astonishingly sophisticated, and very transportable electric skateboard is housed in the slimmest, lightest, and most integrated form factor! The X series boards were made with the intention of showcasing how electric skateboards would look in the future. The boards have a compact footprint and are relatively light in weight, but they have amazingly strong performance, clever features, and intelligent functions that combine to give you the best cruising experience possible. The maximum speed is 45 km/h, and the maximum endurance is 30 km.

    Feel Safe while riding

    The board has anti-scratch substance covered on its surface, giving it great defense against deterioration. The board’s covering also makes cleaning a breeze, allowing you to keep it spotless for years to come.

    What is the difference between X1 Max Hub and X1 Max Riot?

    The motor of Riot skateboard is more powerful than Hub.

    The torque of the Riot skateboard is larger than Hub, so you will feel more easier when he ride the board on a uphill road.

    The Riot skateboard can install many other wheels to ride, but the Hub skateboard only has fewer wheels to choice.

    The Hub skateboard will be more quiet than Riot when we ride it.

    • 1 x Exway X1 Max

    • 1 x Standard Charger

    • 1 x AC Power Cable

    • 1 x Standard Charger

    • 1 x AC Power Cable

    • 1 x Smart Remote Controller

    • 1 x Type-C Cable

    • 1 x Spline End Wrenches

    • 1 x Skate Tool

    • 1 x Manual

  • Top Speed:45kph/28mph



    Deck: LINE-X Coated Deck


    Battery: 230Wh

    Truck: Exway Trist 45°8inch Aluminium Forged

    Hill Climbing:30% 

    Charging Time:1.8H (Quick Charger)/5H (Standard Charger)

    Max Load:200kg/440lbs

    Wheels: 85*56mm 80A (black)

    Remote: R2

    Warranty: 6 months

    Repair and Return : 15 days for you to return the board, but the board must be unused and brand new. And the customer must to pay round-trip shipping fee if he want to return the board. If the product is found to have manufacturing defects within 15 natural days after receiving the product, your customer can apply for a return or exchange service,it is not within the scope of the return and exchange service due to use on the ground or other circumstances that affect secondary sales.

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Weight 7711 kg


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