Garmin Rally RK200 Dual-sensing Power Meter



  • Doble power to your bike

    If you are a bike lover and you want to take cycling to a next level, the Garmin Rally RK200 Dual-sensing is for you. It is more than a simple pedal because it can deliver reliable power metrics. This accessory is easy to transfer between bikes no matter which type. You can use the Rally RK200 for up to 120 hours indoors or outdoors. It will become your best training ally.

    – Install it like other pedals
    – Advanced cycling dynamics
    – Measure total power, cadence, and more
    – Compatible with LOOK KEO
    – Sync data to your apps

    These dual-sensing pedals will give you metrics to help training specific weaknesses. You can measure the power from both sides to compare how symmetrically you’re producing power. Seated our standing? Now you can track the time that you spend in each position to get a clear look at your performance.



    More than simple pedals

    These smart pedals fully connect to your favorite devices. You can use the Edge cycling computers and the Garmin Connect app to get more data and better analyze your performance. If that is not enough, you can also connect the Garmin Rally RK200 to apps like Strava, TrainingPeaks, TrainerRoad, and more. 

    – Left / right balance
    – Advanced cycling dynamics
    – Better battery life
    – Transferable spindle
    – Impeccable design
    – Fully connect





    • Rally RK200 pedals
    • Cleat hardware
    • 55 mm Q-factor washers
    • Documentation
  • Battery type:
    LR44/SR44 (x4) or CR1/3N (x2)

    Battery life:
    120 hours

    Maximum rider weight:
    231.4 lbs

    +/- 1%

    Measurement location:


    Product weight:
    0.718 lbs

    Water resistance:

    Cleat type:

    53 mm



Additional information

Weight 1361 kg


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