Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter



  • Geneinno S1 (Trident) Underwater Scooter

    The Geneinno Trident is an easy underwater scooter. Made with powerful dual propellers, this device has an unwavering force that will pull you through the strong surges of any underground waters. It comes with long-lasting battery, as well as a child safety and protective lock. It has a compact design system, so it is easy to carry anywhere.

    With just over 3 kilograms, it can be carried anywhere with you on planes. It’s made easy to use, and has a long lasting battery life. You do not need any prior skills to work this scooter. You simply pick it up and put it to use, it’s that easy! It has an integrated design which allows, along with a compacted body, making it easy to carry anywhere with you.

    The positive buoyancy feature allows you to feel safe while exploring the underwater sea, ensuring that you will not be sunken to the ocean floor. Dive into the deep underwater oceans going as fast as 1.8 m/s. This speed surpasses the record set by world champion swimmer, Yang Sun. This underwater scooter can thrust up to 26 lbs, with a running time of 45 minutes. With it’s integrated design, you can dive as deep as 164 feet.


    Compact. Carry it anywhere. 3.7kg in weight.You never have to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to bring it along with you on vacations since the device is well below the designated weight limit for technology on aircrafts.

    Strong Propellers

    12 kg force power. These wings are unbeatable. They thrust through the force of any underwater pressure and get you around the entire vicinity of the underwater seas in the areas that you are exploring.

    Be your own pilot

    Dive up to 50 meters.The trident has the ability to maneuver around in any direction of the ocean and being able to choose from two types of speed levels, you are your own pilot.

    Compact with lasting battery capacity

    140 Wh of battery capacity. With a long lasting battery, you never have to worry about not having enough time during your explorations. The battery lasts 45 minutes so you have a large time frame to roam the underwater seas/ocean.


  • 1 Trident
    1 Battery Pack
    1 Charger
    1 Anti-lost rope
    1 Backpack

  • Warranty:
    6-month manufacturer warranty




    600 mAH/140 Wh

    3.7 kg

    Speed Levels:
    3.6 km/hr

    Running Time:
    45 mins

Additional information

Weight 3700 kg


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