Green Bike USA GB2 48V/15.6Ah 500W Beach Cruiser Electric Bike



Green Bike USA GB2 48V/15.6Ah 500W Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

A Beach Cruiser to Enjoy

Imagine sailing across the sandy expanse of a beach with the crashing waves in the background. Don’t let your concerns over peddling in sand throw a roadblock in your fun. This electric beach cruiser lets you ride up to 60 miles at an impressive 20 mph. There is no reason to break a sweat when you cruise the beach! Instead, enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

Built for Sand and Surf

With front and seat suspension, you can enjoy a smooth ride along the sandy expanses of the beach. The 500W motor has an impressive amount of power with its  lithium 48V/15.6Ah battery with USB port and will easily travel  up to  60 miles at speeds of up to 20 mph. If you decide to take the bike for a morning sunset cruise, you’ll also appreciate the brake lights and turn signals for maximum visibility.

Looking for an electric beach cruiser? The 26-inch aluminum GB2 has it all from front and seat suspension and a 500W motor to front and rear Tektro disc brakes, Reflective Tire Sidewall Stripping, electric horn and a lithium 48V/15.6Ah battery with a USB port. Tires 26 x 1.75 inches. Ride up to 60 miles at 20 mph!

New models come with seat suspension.

This bike also features turn signals and brake lights!

The Durable GB2

Composed of high-grade quality components The GB2 Beach cruiser is an extremely durable Electric Bike for any cruising adventure.


  • Motor: 8 FUN 500w
  • Disc Brakes: Front & Rear Tektro Disc Brakes
  • Display: Multi-Function LCD
  • Removable Battery: 48V/15.6AH
  • Lights: Front and rear lights controlled by the display. Left and right turn signals & brake lights
  • Pedal Assist: 9 Levels
  • Total Weight: 60 Lbs
  • Tires: 26 Inch Kenda 4 puncture resistance tires with light reflector.
  • Gear: Shimano 6 Gear
  • Suspension: Full Suspension
  • Handlebar: Wide Handlebar For Easy Maneuvering
  • USB Outlet: Yes


8FUN 500W Motor allowing speed of up to 20MPH

This sturdy motor has the force you need for that hill-climbing ability and All-Terrain Surface Drive!


Front and Rear Tektro Disc Brakes

LCD Display

The Green Bike USA LCD display provides all of the information you need for your ride! It Is securely mounted for perfect visibility and comfort.


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