GreenBike Electric Motion City Premium 2021 48V/15.9Ah 350W Folding Electric Bike



Introducing the Green Bike Electric Motion City Premium 2021 Edition

The City Premium 2021 model is the result of a 4 years development program.
This model unique points are:

The sensitive spoked wheels were replaced with aluminum/magnesium rims, which give them an innovative look and once and for all solve the problem of vulnerable spokes and rims in electric bicycles.

In the 2021 edition we have changed the brakes from mechanical disc brakes to hydraulic disk brakes and upgraded the battery from 48V 10.4 Ah To 48V 15.9 Ah self-balance lithium-ion battery, what does it mean? 50% More Range Per Charge & increase in battery life  

We have also replaced the LCD display with a newer and better design.

The tires have been replaced to Mini Fat tires, made by INNOVA, 20 inches by 3 inch wide, for a smooth ride and better grip.

City Premium 2021 Edition Features:

Powerful Motor 350W With 500W Peak Rear Hub Motor

Particularly wide tires Mini fat tires ,20 inch by 3 inch wide made by INNOVA, The perfect balance.

HUGE Battery 48 V With 15.9 Ah , 763 Wh lithium battery , made with 3C rate cells manufactured by BOSTON POWER USA

Mag Rims Without spokes to prevent unnecessary damage and repairs

Hydraulic disk brakes: For immediate stopping power.

City Premium 2021 Edition Specifications:

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Model Year: 2021
  • 2021 Upgrades: Self-balance lithium-ion battery
  • Motor: 350W With 500W peak rear hub motor made by HT
  • Battery: Huge Battery! 48V with 15.9 Ah , 763Wh lithium battery – gives 50% more range then 2019 version
  • Estimated Charge Time: 4-6 hours
  • Range: 30-60 miles per charge!
  • Display Type: Big LCD smart display
  • Display Function: Battery Level (5 Bars), Speed, Assist Level (3/6/5/9), Odometer, Trip, Distance, Head Light Icon.
  • Drive Modes: Speed Sensor Pedal Assist, Trigger Throttle
  • Total Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Battery Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Frame Type:  Low Step / Folding
  • Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Stem: Tool-Free Adjustable Height
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc with motor cut off. 160 mm Front Rotor and 160 mm Rear Rotor
  • Saddle: Green Bike Wide saddle .
  • Stem: Zoom
  • Tires: Mini fat Innova  20″ x 3″ tires
  • Folded Dimensions: 14 x 33 x 33″


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