Hover-1 Axle Electric Hoverboard



Hover-1 Axle Electric Hoverboard

Ride the Hover-1 Axle Electric Scooter across the streets. The hoverboard can travel up to 7 mph over a 3-mile distance and has non-pneumatic wheels, LED headlights, two motors, and enough torque to climb inclines of up to 10 degrees. Once you step on one side, the board stabilizes, allowing you to step on with your other foot. The controls are simple to understand, letting you lean or press with your feet to effortlessly accelerate or decelerate.

With Hover-1, you maintain control thanks to the integrated inertia dynamic stabilization mechanism. In order to provide a safe, stable, and enjoyable riding experience, the Axle hoverboard scooter stabilizes the user and regulates balance and motion. When you are speeding or riding on dangerous terrain, the hoverboard gives alerts so you can slow down and prevent accidents. Any rider has increased visibility on the hoverboard when it matters the most thanks to LED lights on both sides.

This hoverboard has a built-in 37V/2.0 Ah Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (certified), which is IPX-4 rated for water resistance and charges completely in 6 hours. The safety shield battery enclosure guards against heat buildup and fire. To transform the hoverboard scooter into a go-kart, add the Buggy attachment. When riding, always wear safety equipment. To protect yourself and keep the good times going, we suggest wearing a Hover-1 helmet and wearing knee and elbow protectors.


1x Hover-1 Axle Electric Hoverboard

1x Charger

1x Screw Driver

1x Manual






6.5″ Infinity Tires

Max Speed:

7 mpH

Max Hill Incline:

10 Degrees


Up to 3 Miles on a Charge

Charge Time:

Up to 6 Hours


36V/4.0 Ah

Max Weight:

160 lbs


Color Changing LED Lights


Additional information

Weight 12696 kg


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