Hover-1 Electric Forklift for Kids



Hover-1 Electric Forklift for Kids

Place the provided pallet on the forklift, then raise and lower it. Experience an immersive and thrilling driving experience with the My First Forklift by using the steering wheel, pedal, and gears. Up to 3 miles can be covered with the Hover-1 My First Forklift on a single battery. There is a USB cord supplied for easy remote charging.

Realistic vehicle noises and a built-in audio player with 4 distinct songs bring the My First Forklift to life! Operation in the dark is made possible by the forklift’s dual headlamps, which also up the cool factor.

If your child is hesitant to operate the forklift manually, the dual 40W motor gives the My First Forklift a top speed of 3 mph and can be controlled remotely. Put a seatbelt on your child and buckle it. Children up to 66 pounds can be supported by the My First Forklift.


1x Hover-1 Electric Forklift

1x Charger

1x Screw Driver

1x Manual






12V/10 Ah

Max Distance:

3 miles

Max Speed:

3 mph

Max Weight:

66 lbs

Additional information

Weight 26308 kg


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