Hover-1 H1 Trak Electric Dirt Bike for Kids



Hover-1 H1 Trak Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

It features a 250-watt motor with significant torque. A variable-speed, chainless engine powered by the throttle can travel up to 9 mph (a safe speed for children) and provide exhilarating excitement for riders aged 12 and older. Compared to other battery types, a 24V lithium-ion rechargeable battery is more dependable, has a longer lifespan, and recharges quickly. The TRAK electric dirt bike has a range of 9 miles and can be fully charged in 7 hours. A quick charge takes 3.5 hours to get a range of 4.5 miles.

The Hover-1 TRAK electric dirt bike boasts foldable metal foot pegs and sturdy 12-inch air-filled tires that assist make the ride smoother on uneven terrain. Using a chainless drivetrain, which prevents the fabric from getting tangled, kids may learn how to ride dirt bikes safely and effectively. The TRAK electric dirt bike was made with an all-steel frame and real dirt bike geometry, so it is built to last. When riding off-road, pneumatic tires with a maximum rider weight of 120 lbs. offer a pleasant ride.

The TRAK electric dirt bike is 2.25 feet tall and only weighs 34 lbs, making it the ideal learning tool for beginners. the most entertaining approach to get youngsters on their first dirt bike. The TRAK dirt bike comes equipped with a hand-operated rear disk brake, soft rubber grips with twist throttle controls for easy acceleration, a comfortable seat cushion, a front mudguard, a retractable kickstand, tail lights, an air pump, and assembly tools.


1x Hover-1 H1 Trak Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

1x Charger

1x Screw Driver

1x Manual




250W Brushless Motor


12.5″ Tube Wheels

Max Speed:

9 mph

Max Hill Incline:

10 Degrees


Up to 9 miles

Charge Time:

Up to 4 Hours


24V/5.0 Ah

Max Weight:

120 lbs


Rear LED Brake Lights


Rear Disc Brakes


Additional information

Weight 11340 kg


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