ONSRA Black Carve 3 Belt Drive All Terrain



ONSRA Black Carve 3 Belt Drive All Terrain

Performance, style, and innovation are all there in the ONSRA Black Carve 3, an electric skateboard that is also one of, if not the lightest board in its class.

The NX controller, one of its primary features, enables accurate and simple control of the board, making it ideal for riders of all ability levels. For both speed and carving, the TKP trucks offer a degree of assurance and control.

Main features

  • Smart Turn On/Off 
  • Interactive colorful screen 
  • Multi-Modes customization 
  • Auto reverse 
  • Personal Statistics 
  • 5% Step Battery Indicator 

Ride Statistics

We can provide you with any statistics you require! Finally, you can see all the crucial details about oNSRA, including time, average and maximum speed, amperage, voltage, and much more.

We also included a unique function that allows you to view the average consumption per ride.

A completely different perspective 

Utilize the NOSRA NX to customize your ONSRA experience.
Our brand-new remote control features a unique User Interface with lots of customization options. Adjust the brakes and acceleration while seeing ride statistics!

New Tkp ONSRA Trucks 

The brand-new CNC Super Wide TKP Trucks from ONSRA offer extreme stability, high strength, and no unintended movement. The 10mm alloy steel axle completely eliminates the possibility of bending or fracture.

The rear Kingpin and extremely broad design enable the most stability at high speeds, the most exact steering, and still provide excellent carving ability.

Detail enhancement 

Lots of details got improved such as the enclosure O-Ring, 10 mm axle, CNC washers, PCB battery, baseplate, motor cables, and every single screw on Black Carve 3 is now stainless! 

Included in the box 

  • Fully assembled Board
  • Charger (3A) 
  • T-Rool, 3mm
  • 4mm Allen Tool
  • Spare Belt set  
  • User Manual Remote
  • USB C 


150mm HOTA AT Wheels: 42Km / 26miles
Up to: 46Km / 28miles
12S3P 21700-50S Samsung – 648Wh – 15Ah
Top Speed
Standard: 44 km/h / 27 mph
Up to 57 km/h, 36 mph
2 x 2000W (2x3500W Max) 6374 150KV 14T
Fully Customizable ONSRA NX
6ply maple, 1ply Bamboo, 3ply fiber glass
Carbon Fiber for more stability and impact protection
ONSRA TKP, CNC, 45°, 37cm/14.5″
Great stability and Carve ability
150mm HOTA AT Wheels
for supreme grip and comfort
60T Wheel, 14T Motor (4.3 Ratio)
Deck Size
39,4″/100cm x 10.2″/25.8cm
Wheel Base
99cm/43″ x 37cm/14.4″
Max Load
Water Resistance
IP 65 (Enclosure Sealed with O-Ring)
Regenerative Braking
3,5 hours (4.5A Charger)
2 Years (1 Year on Battery) 

Additional information

Weight 13608 kg


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