QuietKat Off-Road Cargo Trailer – Single Wheel



QuietKat Off-Road Cargo Trailer – Single Wheel

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The Single-Wheel QUIETKAT Cargo Trailer is the best solution for easily hauling hunting gear, coolers, camping equipment, firewood, or anything else heavy over tricky landscapes.

A convenient and versatile solution for bikers riding narrow trails, the Single-Wheel All-Terrain trailer handles a 100-pound load capacity in a compact size of 14” x 24” space. A quick-connect mechanism is included in the completely redesigned cargo trailer. To open the assembly, just pull and push the pin, attach it to the bike bobbin, and slide the assembly forward to latch with the bike. With the purchase of a BOB Axle, the Single-Wheel All-Terrain Cargo Trailer can also be attached to QuietKat full-suspension variants and other electric bike brands.

It fits any QuietKat hardtail eBike thanks to the single 20” x 4″ tire. Furthermore, the sleek design and rear suspension provide added stability, allowing motorcyclists to transport large loads over a variety of terrain.

The innovative dual-post kickstand on QuietKat’s Single-Wheel Trailer will keep your rig stable even when completely loaded down. A strong mesh cargo liner is also included to keep everything safe and secure during transport.

A valuable accessory to your bike when you go hunting, camping, or fishing, to effortlessly carry all your heavy cargo, the Single-Wheel cargo trailer from QUIETKAT is a worthy buy!

  • Easy setup
  • Narrow design to fit into cramped spaces
  • Compact storage size of 14” x 24”
  • 20” x 4″ All-terrain single tire for more stability and maneuverability
  • Rear suspension for a smooth ride
  • Features pannier rack, solid mesh cargo liner, and a dual-post kickstand


Trail Ready: Excellent Stability & Maneuverability

Material: Aluminum

Cargo Space: 14” x 24”

Weight: 34 lbs

Suspension: Coil-suspension

Tire: 20” x 40” All-terrain

Load Capacity: 100 lbs

Color: Black

Compatible Models: 2020 Voyager, 2020 Ripper, 2020 Warrior, All 2019 and previous model Hardtail e-bikes


1 x QUIETKAT Off-Road Bike Cargo Trailer

Warranty: 1-Year, 1000 Miles Warranty

Additional information

Weight 22680 kg


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