Quietkat Portable E-Bike Solar Charging Station



QuietKat Portable E-Bike Solar Charging Station

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Charge on the go with the portable Solar Charging Station from QUIETKAT and get back to your ride!

With the Solar Panel Charger, you can now extend your range without using an outlet. This is a folding solar panel that comes in a handy compact travel case with pockets for storing the different wires that extend the solar charger’s utility. For maximum efficiency, the e-bike charging panel attaches directly to the bike battery.

On the back of the charger, there are three connectors: two USB-A ports for phones and tablets, and a DC barrel for your e-bike battery. Charging time is around 4 hours in good sunlight.

The panel has a power rating of 150W and normally includes a 48V 2A charger with a 48V battery, which corresponds to roughly 100W. As a result, when compared to your wall charger, this charger will provide a slight boost in performance and speed. There is also a 52V version to match your e-bike battery.

Install the panel while sitting in your deer stand, fishing on the water, or hanging out at the campsite. 

Compatible with the following models:

2020-22 Apex 750w / 1000w

2020-22 Ranger 750w / 1000w

2020-22 Warrior 750w / 1000w

2021-22 Villager 500w

2021-22 Ripper 500w

2021-22 Ranger 5.0

2020-22 Jeep

2020-22 RidgeRunner

Not compatible with Legacy QUIETKAT e-bike models from 2014 to 2019.

A really cool piece of gear to bring 150 W of folded solar power on your next e-bike trip!

  • Solar charging panel without an outlet
  • Charge time is roughly the same as charging from a traditional outlet
  • There are three connectors at the back: two USB-A ports and a DC barrel connector
  • Easy carrying and storage in the included bag
  • No charging when operating the bike
  • Maximum power output: 150 W
  • Compatible with 20-22 QUIETKAT e-bikes
  • Voltage is 48 V/ 52 V depending on the e-bike’s battery size



Full Dimensions: (L/H): 52″ x 36″ x .25″

Packed Dimensions:  12.5″ x 8.25″ x 3.25″

Max Power Output: 150 watts

Compatibility: 2020-22 QK E-Bikes

Volts: 48V/ 52V



1 x Portable E-Bike Solar Charging Station QUIETKAT USA

1 x Foldable Bag

Additional information

Weight 6804 kg


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