Rurui XT9 750W 48V/14.5AH Electric Mountain Bike



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Rurui XT9 750W 48V/14.5AH Electric Mountain Bike

The Bike

As our first fat tire model, the XT9 featured a high torque motor, lasting battery, distinctive custom frame, 4.0″ fat tires, 140mm travel front fork, and a wide soft saddle. All those carefully chosen and tuned combinations make it the best and most affordable high-performance ebike for the daily commute, delivery, and adventure.


Based on the customers’ love and kind advice, our experts upgraded some parts and tuned many details for the new XT9 bikes.

  • Quick-release front tire (see how to install it in the new manual)
  • Headlight with built-in electric bell
  • 20A controller with cruise mode supported default
  • Left thumb with bell button
  • Silicone imitation saddle
  • New user manual

What’s in the box

  • The bike with 85% assembled;
  • Battery;
  • Original charger;
  • Front tire;
  • Headlight;
  • Quick release;
  • Pedal left and right;
  • Saddle seat and post;
  • Product manual
  • Screws and tools for assembly.

1-Year Warranty

Rurui bike original owners enjoy our limited warranty. We cover all the costs of replacing the defective parts under the warranty period.

Warranty Period:

  • Frame, battery, and motor – 1 Year.
  • Other electronics and non-wearing parts – 5 Months.
  • The wearing parts like brake pads – 15 Days.

Owner Tools

High-Performance Motor 750W 70Nm Geared Rear-drive

The finely tuned 750-watt motor from the reliable brand helps you conquer all-terrain and slops.

The 70Nm high torque, 5-levels pedal assistance, and 7-speed gears won’t leave you stranded on sand, gravel, or even snow…

Top Speed 25 – 27 Mph

Climb Slopes ≤25 Degrees

Removable 48V 14.5Ah Lithium-ion Lasting Battery

Lithium-ion battery store up to 696 watt-hours of juice for your journey with a 6 – 8 hours charge time.

The high-quality 18650 battery cells ensure a lower degradation during hundreds of cycles, which means a longer lifespan.

45 – 49 Miles per Charge

Over 800 Times Charge Cycles

Size and Geometry

 Recommended Rider Height: 5’4″ – 6’2″
Ⓐ – Total Length: 76.4″
Ⓑ – Handlebar Height: 41.3″
Ⓒ – Wheelbase: 47.3″
Ⓓ – Minimum Seat Height: 36.2″
Ⓔ – Maximum Seat Height: 43.3″
Ⓕ – Top Tube Length: 22.4″
Ⓖ – Standover Height: 25.8″
Ⓗ – Chain Stay Length: 20.5″
Ⓘ – Wheel Diameter: 26″
Ⓙ – Head Tube Angel: 68°
Ⓚ – Handlebar Length: 25″
Ⓛ – Handlebar Reach: 16.9″


What Makes Rurui Tarpan XT9 So Good?

26″ x 4.0″ All-terrain MTB Tires

The mountain bike treaded tires help you through over all-terrains smoothly with better performance. The thick aluminum alloy rims and steel spokes (easy maintenance) form a stable structure to protect the inner tubes and reduce wearing.

160MM Mechanical Disc Brakes

The brake system is one of the core parts to ensure security and enhance manipulation. Combined with premium brake levers, cables, pads, and rotors, the brake system responds with strong stopping power whenever you engage.

Shimano 7-Speed Shifter & Derailleur

The premium Shimano 7-speed gear shifting system with 48T x 14-28T gears, helps you make the most of your efforts to conque mountains and extend the range easily. The nickel plated freewheel provides better hardness and rust resistance.

Durable Chainring, Crank, Pedals

The charing, crankset, and pedals are made of high-quality aluminum alloy or steel to avoid the wear and tear of high-stress and frequency pedaling. The guard on both sides of the chainring can also protect the chain from falling off when bumping or jumping.

6061 Aluminum Alloy Hardtail MTB Frame

The custom-designed mountain bike frame, made with strong and light aluminum alloy, provides good performance and antioxidant characteristics to cope with the stress of bumps and the wearing of outdoor high-speed riding.

TPE Soft Saddle Seat with Pressure Relief

The thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) of the saddle seat are soft to the touch and tear-resistant, withstand temperature extremes without warping or cracking, which means it can provide a high elestic and soft supporting to you even in cold winter.

Adjustable Suspension Front Fork

The solid aluminum alloy front fork with adjustable preload and over 120mm travel allows a soft landing when jumping and down stairs. Or you can lock out the coil inside to disable suspension for higher efficiency and reach higher speed.

5-watt LED Headlight with Electric Horn

The LED headlight produces 450 lumens with 5-watt power consumption to improve your vision and visibility in darkness and fog to keep yourself and others safe while riding. There’s an electric horn built into the new headlight.

Ergonomic Non-slip Rubber Grips

The ergonomically designed grips help reduce the stress on the rider’s wrists while holding and steering the flat mountain bike handlebar. Unique anti-slip bumps/grooves in different areas can easily handle hot summer riding.

M5 LCD Multifunction Display

The brightness-adjustable monochrome LCD display shows all information about the bike and your riding to help plan the rest of your trip. And you can also use the cruise mode by pressing the down button for 3 seconds when riding.


Specifications & Parts Detail

To ensure uninterrupted supply and shipping, some parts may differ from those listed.

Rest assured, our engineers rigorously test each component to guarantee quality and compatibility.

 Model Eahora Rurui XT9
Bike Class: Class 3 as over 25mph top speed for full-throttle, or class 2 after limit the top speed to 20mph
Bike Weight: 65lbs in total with the battery attached
Range Per Charge: 44 – 49 Miles affected by the speed and pedal-assist amount
Payload Capacity: Rider weight within 240lbs


Electronics System

 Battery: 48V 14.5Ah lithium-ion battery 696Wh
Charger: 54.6V 2A DC output smart charger
Controller: Upgraded 20A controller, 1 : 1 cadence PAS
Display: M5 LCD multifunction display, monochrome
Lights: 100 lumens LED headlight with built-in bell
Motor: 750-watt geared hub motor 70Nm torque
Throttle: 5-levels left thumb throttle with bell button
Wire harness: Frame-integrated waterproof wire harness


Brake & Shift System

Brake Cable: Premium mechanical steel cable
Brake Lever: WUXING aluminum alloy brake levers, black
Brake Rotor: 160mm stainless steel front and rear rotor
Brake Pads: Custom non-asbestos organic brake pads
Chainring: 48T iron chainring with plastic guard
Derailleuer: SHIMANO TOURNEY RD-TZ500-GS 7-speed
Freewheel: 14T – 28T 7-speed freewheel
Shifter: SHIMANO SL-TX50-7R 7-speed right thumb shifter


Frame & Structural

Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy hardtail mountain bike frame with bionic and aerodynamics design
Front Fork: Adjustable coil suspension front fork with 140mm travel and lockable
Pedals: WELLGO standard 9/16″ aluminum alloy platform non-slip pedals
Rear Suspension: Not included
Saddle: Wided soft MTB saddle seat with pressure relief, silica gel imitation material
Seat tube: 30.4mm x 300mm aluminum alloy seatpost
Tires: 26″ x 4.0″ CHAOYANG/CST all-terrain tires
Kickstand: Adjustable aluminum alloy kickstand with wide foot


Other Accessories

Bell: Electric bell built in the headlight
Fenders: Not included
Grips: Rubber non-slip bionic grips
Reflector: Tires, pedals, and saddle reflectors


Frequently Asked Questions:

What class is the Rurui Tarpan XT9 bike?

It is IPX4 water-resistant for the whole bike. It means you can ride it in the rain but can’t clean it with water spray.

What is the water resistance level of this bike?

It is IPX4 water-resistant for the whole bike. It means you can ride it in the rain but can’t clean it with water spray.

Can you remove the battery from the bike?

Yes, the battery of the XT9 bike is removable. You can remove it easily after putting the bike upside down.

What is the diameter of the seat post? Or do you sell suspension seat posts?

Sorry, we don’t have suspension seat posts in stock now. The size of the original seat post is 30.4mm x 300mm.


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