Sublue Hagul EZ Underwater Scooter



Sublue Hagul EZ Underwater Scooter

Discover the most recent underwater scooter created by SUBLUE to make using them simpler for everyone: Hagul EZ. It is an entry model that may be used safely by kids, beginners, and those who aren’t great swimmers thanks to its straightforward.

This scooter has a built-in lithium battery that lasts up to 50 minutes, providing you more time to enjoy your water adventure.

This innovative design is simple to use, precise, pure, and practical for every water adventure. The ergonomic handle has been designed for a comfortable grip, so you can use it for hours without hurting your hands or feeling sore. It weighs 3.5 kg, so you can easily place it in your travel bag.

Sublue Hagul EZ Underwater Scooter / Wellbots


Adjustable Two-Gear Speed

You can switch the speed between 1.1m/s and 1.4 m/s, letting you seek new thrills underwater. It is designed to be comfortable to use and control-free, making it suitable for all ages. You can use it in different underwater environments. 

Push the button and take off

Press the “START” button with both hands to activate the scooter and you can swim freely. To stop, you can simply release the button.


– 15m Waterproof – Made with sealing and waterproof technology with an in-depth capacity of up to 15m

– 60+ Professional tests – After more than 60 rigorous professional tests of high density salt erosion, salt spray, sediment, heavy underwater pressure etc, this device stands out and is proven safe for every water adventure

– It included a built in 92.88Wh lithium battery, in line with air transport standards for easy boarding. You can easily take them wherever you go.

Sublue Hagul EZ Underwater Scooter / Wellbots

What’s in the box

1x Hagul EZ Underwater Scooter

1x Charger


Colour: White

Dimensions: 375mm x 295mm x 202mm 

Weight: 3.5kg with battery

Product Type: Underwater Scooter

High speed: 1.1m/h (1.8 km/h)

Low speed: 1.4m/h (2.3 km/h)

Depth: 0-15m

Power: 315W

Battery Life (Normal use): 50 minutes – continuous high 18 mins – continuous low 25 mins

Charging Time: 2.5 hours

Battery: 92.88wh Li-ion battery


Additional information

Weight 3493 kg


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