Sublue Swii Electronic Kickboard



  • Sublue Swii Electronic Kickboard

    Fun for the whole family, the Sublue Swii Electronic Kickboard has excellent power without sacrificing buoyancy. Having passed major safety certifications, the Swii Electronic Kickboard has high-quality foam for your body’s comfort during use, and has two speeds to make it a fun and safe for all!



    User-Friendly & Incredibly Safe

    Simply place your chest on the kickboard and hold the buttons on both sides to start moving. To stop the kickboard, just release any button – easy as that! This incredibly kickboard can hold up to 220lbs (100kg) before it sinks in the water. The kickboard also comes with the patented technology that automatically stops the kickboard’s motor when a foreign object is detected inside. Users can also connect their kickboard to a smartphone with the SublueGo Controll App and be able to change the speed, release the safety locks, initiate the self-cleaning mode, and much more!



    • 1 x Sublue Swii Electronic Kickboard
    • 1 x Charging Socket for Lithium Battery
    • 1 x Charging Chord
    • 1 x Lithium-ion Battery
    • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H in inches):
    21.65 x 4.76 x 5.3 (in cm: 55 x 37.5 x 13.5)

    Age Recommendations:

    Sunrise Orange, Mint Green, or Coral Red

    Product Weight:
    Kickboard: 8.37 lbs
    Battery: 1.65 lbs

    Operating Temperatures (in °F):
    32-95 (in °C: 0-35)

    High-Speed: 1m/s (2.24mph)
    Low-Speed: .6m/s (1.34mph)

    Battery Capacity:
    6600 mAh

    Battery Life:

    Recharging Time:
    3 Hrs

    Charger Input Voltage:
    100-240v | 1.8A | 50/60Hz

    Charger Output Voltage:
    16.8V | 3.3A

    Charging Indicator:
    Green Light 

    Motor Rated Voltage:
    14.8 V

    Motor Power:

    Motor Ranking:

Additional information

Weight 8101 kg


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