Sublue Tini Paddleboard Conversion Kit



Sublue Tini Paddle Conversion Kit

The Paddleboard Conversion Kit is a terrific accessory for paddleboarding adventures and is available for order with either a Single-Engine Set and a free waterproof backpack or a Dual-Engine Set and a free backpack.

The Sublue Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit is a modular paddleboard adaptor that can be used as an above-water propellant. Working with Sublue’s WhiteShark Tini Modular Underwater Scooter Engine, you can use this modular paddleboard adapter to attach one or two WhiteShark Tini Engines to your normal Standup Paddleboard, transforming it into an electric-powered paddleboard.

Without paddling, you can swiftly reach a desirable place for paddleboarding further out into the water at a pace of up to 7 Km/h with a dual engine and 4.5 Km/h with a single-engine.

With a battery life of 45 minutes, enjoy modern e-paddleboarding for quality aqua leisure time!

  • Easy setup and installation
  • Easy to carry, lightweight design
  • Can be used with most paddleboards
  • Wireless controls and simple buttons
  • 45-Minute battery life
  • Single-engine: 4.5 Km/h; Dual engine: 7 Km/h
  • Control engine speed with two distinct-speed settings with a wireless system
  • Single-button to start and stop
  • Support dual engines
  • Extensive adaptation
  • The kit can be directly equipped with Tini single power system but requires separate connectors to be connected with dual power connectors.


Quick installation without tools

Battery Life: 45 Minutes

Charging Time: 2 h

Wireless Speed Control 

Low Speed: 3.2 Km/h with Single Engine; 5.4 Km/h with Dual Engine

High Speed: 4.5 Km/h with Single Engine; 7 Km/h with Dual Engine



Single-Engine Set:

1 x Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit

1 x WhiteShark Tini underwater scooter

1 x Free Waterproof Backpack

Dual-Engine Set:

1 x Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit

2 x WhiteShark Tini underwater scooter

1 x Dual-Engine Support Handle

1 x Free Waterproof Backpack

Additional information

Weight 4536 kg


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