Yamaha Seawing II Underwater Sea scooter



  • Yamaha Seawing II Underwater Sea Scooter

    Washing and Care

    • Method A:  Soak the Seascooter in fresh water for approx. 1 hour after every use to prevent salt-sand and chlorine crystal accumulation in the Seascooter
    • Method B:  Switch the Seascooter on for approx. 1 minute in fresh water to flush the Seascooter and propeller components clear of any debris
    • To clean the Seascooter do not use detergents: only use a damp cloth to wipe the unit clean
    • Use a cloth to dry the Seascooter and the battery compartment
    • DO NOT leave the Seascooter in the water. Always take out of water when not in use

    Sand or Grit on Seals

    Ensure sand/grit does not get on the seals as correct maintenance and care are essential. To remove sand or grit, rinse the seals in fresh water and apply fresh lubricant.  If there is sand inside the battery housing, gently brush the sand from the unit taking care not to scratch the sealing surfaces.

    Glide through the waters at a speed of up to 5mph with the Yamaha Seawing II Underwater Sea Scooter. With a total weight of only 8.1 lbs the sea scooter is compact enough to carry on an airplane. Compared to previous models Seawing II features a contoured hydrodynamic wing design and a OLED display to monitor speed and battery. The sea scooter is neutrally buoyant making it easy to maintain depth with less effort.

    Yamaha Seawing II Underwater Sea Scooter lets you glide through water. Yamaha Seawing II is a sea scooter for recreational divers and professional divers 

    For Professional and Recreational Diving

    Use Yamaha Seawing II no matter if you are a professional or recreational diver. The waterproof construction lets you use the scooter to depths of up to 100′. Yamaha Seawing II Underwater Sea Scooter features a 2-level rotational speed control that allows you to change gears from low to high. Simply use the switch to change your speed from 4.3 mph to 5 mph. To check your speed and battery underwater simply glance at the built-in OLED display. The sea scooter has a run time of up to 40 minutes. 

    Yamaha Seawing II Underwater Sea Scooter. Use the scooter to a depth of up to 100'. The sea scooter features a special go pro mount so that you can record your dive with Yamaha Seawing II
    • 1 Yamaha Seawing II Underwater Sea Scooter
    • 1 Battery
    • 1 Charger
    • 1 Charger Adapter
    • 1 AC Cable
    • 1 Camera Extension Bar
  • Warranty:
    6-Month Manufacturer Warranty

    8 lbs

    Depth Rating:

    Speed Control:
    2-Gear Switch

    High Gear: Up to 5 mph / 8.0 km/h
    Low Gear: Up to 4.3 mph / 6.9 km/h

    Power Source:
    14.8 V, 10 Ah Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

    Battery Life:
    up to 40 minutes

    Battery Charge Time:
    3 hours

    OLED Dashboard

Additional information

Weight 5443 kg


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